NJPetSupply.com FAQ

Q. How can you charge less than other retailers?

A. We've been in business since 1987. NJ Pet Supply is one of the largest independently owned retail pet supply companies in the country. Since we are afforded the opportunity to buy in large quantities, combined with our low overhead expenses, the cost savings are passed on to our customers.

Q. Why is "free shipping" limited to certain areas?

A. Unlike other online retailers that pad their price to claim free shipping, we feel it's only fair to charge shipping costs outside of our local UPS Zone 2. Shipping is based on the total weight of your order. This is then fair to everyone. We are able to offer some locations free shipping.

Q. Am I eligible for FREE SHIPPING?

A. If your zip code falls between 00501 and 21930 then you are eligible for FREE Shipping. If your zip code is not within those numbers, shipping will be calculated based on total weight of the products you order. (FOR EXAMPLE: One zip code for New York City is 10001. Since the number 10001 is between 00501 and 21930 anyone living in New York City is eligible for free shipping.)

Q. Can I get a volume discount?

A. Because our prices are so low, we cannot offer any further discounts. You will find some of our products do have lower pricing if purchasing more than 1 of the same item.

Q. Can I order something that is not listed on your website?

A. Although we are adding new products to our online store every day, we know that occasionally there are products we do not have listed that you really want to order. In our warehouse, we have over 18,000 items, and we may have just what you are looking for. In the case we do not, we will make every effort to try to get it for you. Please let us know your request as well as any information you may have about the product.

Q. When is my credit card charged for my online order?

A. In order to not delay your order, once you hit the process/complete order button, you are automatically charged for your order to your credit card. You will then be prompted if the card is therefore declined or if the order did not go through. You will also receive an invoice confirmation through the email address you provided.

Q. What happens if an item you order is OUT OF STOCK or BACKORDERED?

A. Occasionally, we are out of stock on products that are available for purchase online. We will contact you by the phone number listed and/or e-mail provided on your invoice in order to inform you of any out of stock product as soon as possible. We will provide you with the expected time the item will be available for shipment. If a product listed online states on the description that it is currently out stock, your ENTIRE ORDER will be held until that particular item is back in stock. If you do not wish to have your entire order held until complete, please order items listed OUT OF STOCK separately.

Q. Do you use SSL?

A. Our web site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your confidential information on secure servers from unauthorized access. NJPetSupply.com uses anti-theft measurements in order to keep your information on our premise secure. For added security for our customers, we reserve the right to require proof that the credit card used is yours at our discretion before order is shipped.

Q. Do you use sell my personal information?

A. We do not sell your personal information. Your data is used to validate your order accurately. Occasionally, we need to contact you regarding your order, so please be sure your account has been updated.

Q. Does NJPetSupply.com use cookies to store data?

A. Cookies are small data structures used by us to deliver data to you. Our website can thus "remember" information about you to facilitate your preferences for and allow the use of passwords. The website may deliver one or more cookies to the client. The client stores cookie data in one or more flat files on its local hard drive. Please be sure you have enabled your cookies if you are looking to purchase from us.

Q. Is that a TYPO or ERROR?

A. Although, we make every attempt to be 100% accurate, there may be an occasion that a typographical error occurs on price, description, or in the web content such as analysis and ingredients. At our discretion we reserve the right to cancel any order with such errors.